Ittehad, Inqalab and Constitution message from Maripur Muzaffarpur Shaheen Bagh

61st day of  Anti CAA NRC protest at Maripur, Muzaffarpur, “Hindustan Zindabad” and “Main Nahi Manta” was highlights of the day.

Munib Muzaffarpuri’sJo Ittehad todta wo Zinda Laash hai”  and “Hindustan Zindabad” showcased pluralistic ideas, this protest stands for.


Imran Muzaffarpuri recited Habib Jalib’s revolutionary poem “diip jis kā mahallāt hī meñ jale ; chand logoñ kī ḳhushiyoñ ko le kar chale; vo jo saa.e meñ har maslahat ke pale; aise dastūr ko sub.h-e-be-nūr ko; maiñ nahīñ māntā maiñ nahīñ jāntā


Munib is a young  writer and published a book titled “Andaz-e-Bayan Aur” 

Imran is a civil eng and engages in any activity related to community and social cause.

TheAinak team was there for a short time on18th Mar 2020. We will visit again and publish interviews, the strategy of this protest amid Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) declared as an epidemic in Bihar and across the world.


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